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Table V. — (50,000 Children seen 1892-94). Showing Percentage of
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from vermin. The optimum temperature for most animals is 65°
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that the vocal cords are incompletely approximated during phonation ;
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monosodium salt of phenol red (phenolsulonephthalein) provides
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of the English public ; and the fourth wrote an interesting
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immediate disgrace and loss of social standing; but it is wholly unre-
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cause only a certain amount of difficulty and awkwardness. A feeling of stiff-
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his province." At the age of seventy-seven, leaving pos-
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does zyrtec have alcohol in it
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morbid processes, trauma, toxic agents, parasitism, diatheses and cachexia,
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nals. First cousin, on his mother's side, to Sir Benjamin
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ointment. The latter cases may possibly have an explanation other than
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condition have been regarded as affording strong support to the view that
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woman from actual insanity. Yet there are a few women who cannot
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and the kidney are also affected with degenerative changes, often preced-
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Cocci : arranged as diplococci ; the two opposing surfaces are some-
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ten years the malady attains its highest degree ; in which phase it per-
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nerve-centres from the injured part seems to be associated with it, for
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(2) Attach the side arm of the flask to a suction pump in
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in children of from ten to fifteen, and may end in suicide. Stupor is
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of alcoholic insanity. The fine collaterals and terminals of the mole-
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volume is inaccurate by an amount that is significant
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mainly by over-exertion of the brain. They are the result of so-called
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impression in consciousness before a fit may be revived after the
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and Colcott. "Histology of Molluscum contagiosum," Trans. Path. Soc. Lond. vol.
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amplitude which occurs with each swing. By raising or lowering
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pheral neuritis and to palsies, which may be associated with delusions,
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certain micro-organisms as having their special habitat on the skin. To
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until they become well-nigh, or quite, continuous ; and then the end is
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In epilepsy I have seen more harm follow from the indiscriminate use
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All caustic applications should be used with great caution in the neigh-
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a few hours after the onset of the disease, or may be delayed until the
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of them subjected also to other debilitating influences, such as lactation.
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cannot be dealt with by drainage and filling in. The petroleum, gradu-
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and pans. The three knife edges should lie in the same plane. A
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Kaposi and Eadcliffe Crocker. Leloir has observed twins, one of whom
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suspension, leaving clear plasma above them. In the sedimentation
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glassware is immersed in water immediately after use, so that
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The conditions which make for chronicity are a marked heredity,
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in after the bath or applied alone ; or it may be used locally as a plaster,
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can sometimes be obtained by pressure on the same area in hysterical men.
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Against established delusions direct argument is hopeless, harmful,
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that no good has been done by treatment. It is as difficult to discern

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