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She had been unable to leave her bed for over two months but

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inspection to exercise care in buying animals so as to minimize

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highway safety. Alcoholism has increasingly been recog

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bacteria maybe isolated. If some experiments on rabies which

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port showing the life shortening impact of smoking. Con

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Complaints regarding the qunlity of the water supply of Alex

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more attention to the subject and has endeavored to ac

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the operation the cover being removed the bottles are

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flicting views as to the pathological histology of the condition.

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Favorable Conditions. These are practically the very antith

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ology to medicine if one attempted to study the patient

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lines rules for the prevention of extension of possible

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culosis may contain the virus and is capable of communicating the dis

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and the judgment and tact of the physician are taxed to their utmost.

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cases described as hydrops antri by older writers were such

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valuable from the standpoint of physiology as well as

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patients who sufl er a long time and come at a late

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he had had to take bromide and aspirin for headache. A few days

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Inspector of these Schools. From this report it appears that

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and call to mind the many instances in the earlier years of my

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animals after severe straining pass balls of feces covered with

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Another agent has of late won for itself a conspicuous place

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pasteurization. The simple exclusion of air is obtained by the

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operations with so little apparent injur. This man

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any narcotic action on the brain. As the implication of the spinal

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