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obtained in. Dr. Cotton argues now as in that if a patient who

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the head palpitations sleeplessness and startings when first falling into

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once adopted Kaposi s treatment with the result of checking

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on by a number of writers particularly in France. Recognition of the

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these applications is one of the first lessons the med

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expectoration. He worked evov day until November MiU.

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it carried out to the very letter. Our fellow towns

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him the gratitude of all good sportsmen but which he never deemed it

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milk mass but it is richer in solid elements especially fat and

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hoarseness sneezing spasm of tne glottis and even spitting of blood and

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principally to bring before the Fellows of the Society the fact that

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After some discussion the Guardians came to the conclusion

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The question of drainage is one that has been much dis

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too closely confined in stuffy salesrooms. She needs

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as w hen a mixture is ordered eontaiuing sixteen drops of

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Maltese Miocene Beds ditto On the Corals of the.Xustralian

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the acre. They were irrigated three times the first on May

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and form hard tumours resembling raspberries and at last end in a

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secretory nerves quietly compensates for its absence by in

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puscle from the altered hasmoglobin of which there results

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tinue this treatment without intermission or varia

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The phenomenon of crepitation arises from the affected tissue

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speculations of this kind showed itself in his correspondence and

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to lie on her left side which she did without inconvenience. The

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and in December was removed. A third growth made its

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