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the passage of another resolution offered by Dr. McMurray, as fol-

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the 12th. On the 18th she had been up as usual, but towards evening

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early stage of the inflammation they have a tendency to prevent the oc-

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I prescribed at the time the usual anti-hysteric medicines, but with-

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salutary, or even critical. When of the former unfavourable character,

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the nervous type of Yero's fever. In spite of all our efforts, he died

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pre-existence of fever may be assumed to act in a similar manner.

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no tenderness present, and no distinct evidence of fecal accumulation.

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softening ; the diagnosis lay, then, between white softening and ex-

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Cross people should be allowed to furnish wicker chairs, games, all kinds

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fully opens Obltruftions of all the Vifcera , and has

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part, — a new force, that of the heart, being brought into operation, and

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the petrous portion may exist in a very chronic form, combined with

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pointel in the middle, fet round about with many black-

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Even in tliis city, during the period of its greatest virulence, whole

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Their Fig. 15 (our Fig. 4) is of the E. nana type commonly found, with

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chitis and dyspnea, the suddenness of onset of uremic manifesta-

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It most commonly happens that the physician is not called to see a

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remedies I need not enumerate ; but I may say that we always

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a professional man. And they testify that they have better success

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lesions of the brain, or spinal marrow, was the c\irious epidemie de Paris,

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Again, the secretions of the liver become vitiated, and affect the

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would not be in the desperate strait he now is. Heretofore his

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acute hepatitis. But still it was inflamed, as proved by the benefit de-

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which Dr. EUiotson has made so many interesting observations. It is

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violence. She was leeched without much relief, and on the 21st she is

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native — ^while sitting near the railroad track had

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