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healthy rose pink becomes a dull lead or dusky slate
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requiring two stitches. The boy weighed lbs. and came into the
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tion of this remarkable and as I have said before unlooked
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by the leucocytes of the intestinal mucous membrane.
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binder. The room was directed to be kept at an even temperature.
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large quantities of brandy but with little or no eflect. Dr. Knight of
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ed and peculiar. In such extreme cases I have frequently noticed
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impleteness all the medicinal agents known at that time
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containing a nucleus and of a greenish lustrous color with a move
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tropical countries as in temperate climates in fact a certain amount
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is shown by his observation that the left spermatic vein in
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vous of European ophthalmologists where all of us have found
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ferent fractures treated by veterinarians but I never have seen
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paleness spread over her face the muscles of the abdo
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who ultimately do well sometimes relapse more than once during treatment.
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as others and yet so ignorant or careless are physicians that they
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produced the few cases of pneumonia and pleurisy which we have had.
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that a wound from a lion s tooth is generally followed
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shows its distinction and superiority over a common plug
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consequence of this another piece of bone about one inch and a half
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he will feel the sooner and more effectually will he be relieved.
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accommodation in the O. D. was paralyzed with atropia on account
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present any fatt layer at the top as has been the fact in
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abdomen. The intra uterine douches were discontinued
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drains have multipUed. Besides this the whole of the sewage
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had made his escape about eighteen months before. Confident of this he bolAy
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positively on one point namely that pure air dilutes dispels or
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I don t have the exact percentages here with me. However
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hang upon a septal deformit is too evident for discussioD
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the protoplasm of one cell from another. Where the cells are
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largest aneurisms have been those of this quarter and par
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In concluding this report we are desirous of expressing our thanks to
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Chantemesse and AVidal undertook inoculation experiments
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so matted together about the vein as to preclude the possibility of a
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the axilla containing the fibres of the latissimus dorsi felt much thicker
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good work done is to appoint men of this stamp and have the

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