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tubera aconiti, P. G.; eisenhutknollen, G. The tuber of

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Internal. — Circulation. — Conium has little effect upon

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the dog more conveniently, and the ether is then poured

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lid, the globe is not rendered nearly immobile, a common tenaculum

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Preparations which are not to be used internally should

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from such exposure; nearly every man in the Regiment having had,

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This fact has been substantiated by analyses of the

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indeed feel very happy if these few remarks could induce some of

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diagnosis. It is of the greatest value for the recognition of anoma-

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last Corps now consists of 200 Surgeons and 120 Assistant Surgeons.

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wfTc sirk with the disease, of whom many, as I have stated, had it

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has already l>e}^un to infiuenoe the increase of our i)()i)ulatiuii in the


North Carolina), lived, summer and winter, almost altogether upon

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amorphous, transparent and colorless, like glass ; the other

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Made by maceration and percolation with diluted alcohol and

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bard, and while he administered it I applied the forceps. It requir-

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the alkaloid; or are paralyzed in the later stages of poisoning

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Applied cups to neck, mustard to spine and extremities, and gave

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to show how this excellence may be obtained in each of the four

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a' ; of the day a light breakfast of gruel. The follow-

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ciency was obsei'ved in the bone, where necrosis had taken place to a

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furcation as far as it could be traced into the substance of the lung,

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satisfied of their correctness, I saw no reason to sacrifice the lives

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Caniiibell and ourselves discovered this mineral in the sediment of some small

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The Prexse Med. beige gives two cases, in which Laugier had em-

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to advance it in the slightest degree. But a slight force applied to

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the spectacle of the strange and growing apathy evinced by the au-

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iiction in flatulent colic and impaction of the caecum, colon,

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doses we find the pulse becomes: 1. Slower. 2. Fuller and

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outlet. Otherwise the stomach is too small to be success-

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the secretion of bile in small doses, while purgative quau-

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nine, atropine, aconite and veratrum viride. The reader is

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