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(3) the crippling and financial embarrassment of the New
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to degenerate under nutritional disturbances or toxic processes than
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careful microscopic examination may reveal a few, usually narrow, hya-
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ment and treat all honorable and honest persons with deference.
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above the symphysis pubis, it is sometimes elongated and tortuous —
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large and small — " coffin-lid-shaped." These also are soluble in acetic
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Apart from the method above given, of attempting to abort the
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House for Invalid Women at Atlantic City, N. J. Containing 1800
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it may move from the usual position in cases that are allowed to drag
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tracted cases of such affections as gonorrheal urethritis aud puerperal
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Poisoning by Fish (Ichthi/smus) and Shell-fish. — Many instances of
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precordial oppression with or without slight pain or a feeling of sore-
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consideration, but the signs of increasing stenosis, as evidenced by
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thirst and bulimia are noted in some instances. Constipation may be
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Dr. Hermann M. Biggs of the Department of Health, New York,
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quantity may not exceed eight or ten ounces, but the specific gravity is
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may be studied in the various phases that have appeared since
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M. D., Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; Vice-
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meeting of the American Institute of Homoeopathy at Narragansett Pier
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diminution in the size of the oro;an ; also bv jaundice, hemorrhage, and
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years. Being originally more complicated, they have here been
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of age in about one-half the total population of the United States
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producing a peculiar smile {sardonic grin). Next the muscles of the
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stitute an explanation for the great differences in the. duration of the
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marked when the patient is under observation. Paresis is frequently
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ally to implication of the nerves. At the onset there are pain and patchy
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diminution in the size of the abdomen, may take place.
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