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practice. A studious and well-read man, his mind was richly
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certainly very seldom takes place. But the experience of many close
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oil of aspidiura, fluid extract of stillingia, fluid extract of vera-
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round spots, or small mottled patches of a whitish colour, scattered
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unknown to any of the visiting obstetricians of the
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and nervousness, the appropriate remedies are abstinence, careful ali-
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Hydrargyri Chloridum Mite. Mild Mercurous Chloride.
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gyrus in cases of focal epilepsy with a sensory aura, that temporary
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phimosis. I was led to the discovery of diabetes by an examination of the
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large and respectable portion of the profession at the present
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This sac contained a milky fluid, and besides it a quantity of putty-
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this way lead to the consumption of fat. There is no proof of this,
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very much like that of typhoid had been isolated. It seemed
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generally, the change is one of myxomatous and fibrous new formation, the relative
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Causes. — The causes which induce softening and disorganization
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And just here I will throw out the suggestion as to
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summer, and in winter the whole seal is frequently buried in the snow.
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near future a rich harvest of results whose practical importance
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Beport of the Oommittee on the President's Address.
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by the bedside of the patient. They have not, therefore, ex-
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of the temperature were more irregular and the final increase
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help us strengthen our role in the legislative process.
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beeu given no person is allowed lo leave ihe ship uuless he
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prognosis, an accurate representation of the recent doctrines
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found a prepuce that was too long after the efficient re-
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State Patient.'*. — The patients taken from the almshouses
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docarditis associated with an arrest of development of the
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chopathic clinic to which the acute and curable cases may be
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in singing or speaking, or perhaps even in ordinary conver-
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to have resorted to it, for he then, but then only, complained of a pain

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