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paratively few. One new essay has been added, and various alterations

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tinues after death more liquid than in most other diseases, the weight

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the eye, particularly the choroid and retina, are hyperaemic ; the retinal

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atheromatous changes taking place in the tissues of the blood-vessels;

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and made far more comfortable during its progress, had precise know-

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was clearly shown by the moist crepitation and tubal murmur on both

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are very intimately and extensively connected, than in England, where

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red, or yellowish in colour. On laying open the left ventricle the

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In his Lecons siir les Antiseptiques M. Bouchard draws attention to

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at longer intervals, being separated by series of six, eight, or ten pulsa-

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stitches were inserted. The parts were cautiously injected three times

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numbers of common microbes, especially isolated micrococci, strepto-

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successful exertions for the medical officers of the public service — our

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well-de\ . ami healthy lungs, it is unequaled. We commend the sub-

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forceps, longer in the blades, was introduced, and the stone was seized

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