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perihepatitis is apt to supervene the thickened liver capsule may remain
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tonic and if administered in conjunction with digitalis we have reason to believe
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poisoning called septicaemia and of the methods of avoid
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picious symptoms or physical signs or both a positive
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minutes. This is a massive dose of radiation of relatively long wave
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fections in some fibrous tissue. A hyperinotic condition of the
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Eight days after a course of thymol the stools should again be
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The disease runs the same course as in adults. If treated it
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directly from the farm the work shop and the common
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closely related in regard to the zymotic quality e.g.
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last blood test. There was no glycosuria. The plasma sugar was
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which consisted in the employment at short intervals of mild emetics
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more proves its utility than does the fact that all savages
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and character of operation or other therapy should always be reached with
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Ledwich School of Medicine . The University College
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sen s Cyclopa dia now being translated and published
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to different bacteria. Not only is the pseudo membrane
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and especially never allow tobacco in any form to pass their lips.
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were used in.stead. Early in the evening of this day t ortv eight
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knee or inward against tlie trochanter gives no pain in
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double summit. The temperature rises rapidly at the onset of the pro
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Occurs in small lustrous scales very soluble in water
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tions on that member making it very easy to keep any
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The interest of the evening was centred around the following
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The true interpretation is that a centrally placed irri
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it was was universal it was impracticable as before remarked to
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respiratory murmur. On deep breathing it is frequently to he noted that
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in Ireland. Of this distinction Sir Christopher was
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Pathological Effects. The most common is inflammation of the
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I sent her home with salves and ointments. I cannot comprehend
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infusion. Blood samples were obtained every min during the hr
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but in the majority of recorded cases the individuals have been

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