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■operation shown as follows: Necrotic areas at intcr-
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case of chronic dysentery (Virchow's Archives, 1875
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sults have been obtained in the thyroid cases where
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and 4 The prognosis in paraplegia occurring in syphilitic sub-
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effused blood is being absorbed, to try the effect of potassium
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Whilst in the house, one of his acute rheumatic attacks came on. Many
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cork borer. They are cut square at the ends and then obliquely into
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mata, diti'usable stimulants, antispasmodics, and nour-
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which he has looked for it; Gruby found it in 40 out of 60 persons
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intending student may be registered in the books of the
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all carbohydrates. Unlike gastric ulcer, neither food nor alkali
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streams of duty, business, and thought, hastened by
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ends, and another begins. It is also sometimes difficult to ascer-
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bacilli of human pulmonary phthisis; 2, the nature of
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trouble, the eyes are often strained to answer a purpose.
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not that she is to blame--a nice, gentle, amiable creature, very ill indecdy
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the tint of the serum originally added to the tube and the amount
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lized the attention of the student upon the receding
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an unimportant murmur. What had caused the great hypertrophy?
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The mother said she was " sure that it helped him out of his fit." I,
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Urobilin and Urobilinogen, Soc. de Biol., 1908, lxv, 757.
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least symptom of Bright's disease. I recently saw a young man who was
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great vascularity and infiltration of the a£fected parts, the pains which
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right ovary. The operation verified the diagnosis with
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pressure. On deep palpation, an indistinctly circum-
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tion. She is now a woman, quite handsome and well developed,
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