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deeper and getting a small quantity of pus in the interior

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tain that the rejection of two out of three proves that the

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appreciation of the honor your presence confers and ven

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mon disease in all climates within the Temperate Zone. It occurs

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regiment that one sees on the march. One gets actu

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and the patient went home hut at her first menstrua

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relieved at one treatment and I have also seen dis

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In such plants as the sugar cane and the beetroot the pro

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and that these strains of streptococci when injected into dogs showed

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short relief he slept from twelve till six but morning

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These psychical troubles are usually transitory and tend to recover.

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seemed to gain strength but on March he complained of head

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all as it will cause considerable trouble to exchange it on

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Report of Diseases treated at the PUBLIC DjSPENSARVy near

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ability of a woolen garment to keep the natural heat above the

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will appear in the next issue of this Journal. Some of the very

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Thofe alfo are liable to it whofe fweaty Feet are too fuddenly

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bad the radium treatment may be followed by marked improve

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up to a certain point. The patient had very recently

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black spots which were very troublesome to remove and in those

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geon and specialist. To meet this want the White Re

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psychiatry dermatology and roentgenology of which not fewer than courses shall

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which the renewed study of the disease has either originated or else

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doubtful whether the fluid found in some of the early recorded cases was

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by inoculations to guinea pigs. Bovine tuberculosis not existing

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in the Puerperal State. Although no post mortem examination

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followed two days after with a left sided pleuro pneumonia which

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before they can exert their virtues. Unworthy as we are to

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Where the French system shows some distinctly better re

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tunities for the study of a patliological condition are much improved

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in no animal do we have the variance of care surroundings and

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