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make the estimate is to note the ratio of the deaths to the aver-

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The Humanized Crusts are warranted to be from typical cases,

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many of whom have been connected with it for a long series of

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body are in no respect abnormal, if all the functions of the organism are

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and relieved me of anxiety as to the result of the cases to which

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The pathological relations of an excess of oil in the blood are very im-

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as a soldier in the late civil war. He was operated upon for stone in the

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he f^t much encouraged. He began to appreciate the object of

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pea to that of a moderate grape, of sufficient consistence to bear being

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and thus be enabled to commence anew the struggles of life.

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would find its reward. Nor was. he disappointed, for every year

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20th, at which time a loud bellows sound could be heard in the

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situated near the superficies of the lung, at a point not protected by adhe-

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(ONE FLUID DRACHM)— represents the Anodyne principle of CO

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a sleepless night ; the fever also continued, and he appeared in

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Is THE Identical Combination Suggested by the Late Eminent Fothergill.

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rhoea, not one of whom had an attack of cholera. The experience of others

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neous perforation of the chest does not occur, or without waiting for the

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the cough and expectoration, the absence of marked emaciation, notwith

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eventuate in chronic bronchitis. Associated with certain other allections,

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of the law as will render it acceptable to the members of the pro-

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limit the dropsical effusion into the peritoneal sac, which belongs to the

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veloped in great numbers within the alimentary canal, the ova having

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8 grains, and was applied directly to the diseased surface by a

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forms, it seems, in several instances, to have been followed by

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ment. In the Report on Cholera in Paris, in 1831, published by order of

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is from one to two weeks, and death is produced by slow asthenia. In

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tions with which gastric hemorrhage is usuall}' associated are wanting.

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