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remote of forcible correction in order quickly to relieve the

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before the Mississippi Valley Medical Association at Detroit Sept. th.

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seventy ninth day. The average stay in the hospital of the

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cussion of the relative merits of medical and surgical

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say that it was not necessary to reject typhoid fever

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diarrhoea for which he was unable to obtain treatment. On arriving at Pakhoi

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the anticipation of the excellent practical guide to the produc

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the great astonishment of the parents a plump and active

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centralis treated by means of Cbampetier de Ribes hag.

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three or even four days before showing severe symptoms..Vninial

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finger could be easily swept all around the prostate to.

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discharge but unless in persons of marked strumous cachexia or very much

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more pretentious productions. Facts and opinions are seldom now

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in the persons of Dupuj tren Larrey CUne Cooper and others.

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lymphocytosis lymphatic aleukemia leukanemia and leukemia there

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by him in the usual manner that is from the alkaline fluids of

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ments and then by using sizes successively smaller the calibre of the opening

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the virtue of cinchona and have occasionally succeeded

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the residue with alcohol which dissolves urea rapidly evaporate the alco

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reacted to tuberculin and upon being slaughtered were found to have

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by impairment of vision due to an organic lesion. In

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lady had what appeared to be a cyst in the urethro

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to represent the general concensus of thought on the ques

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die in position in the apparatus without removal of the barium chlorid

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there he is. He is expected to aid you with therapeutical

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perience. The long continuance of the period during which the

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stand tolerably stilL After two or three timen currying you

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with the capsule of the testicle see Plate iv. Fig. which

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of the sugar mechanism. Every unnecessary burden must be avoided.

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substance of the blood corpuscles. The organisms were

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ed with one particular branch of medical practice the

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portant particular namely in that it is specifically increased

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