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think less serious than some writers would have us believe.
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and digits in Raynaud s disease will be described elsewhere.
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is connected with a disturbance of the senses. The distinction I
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dui ing two years to have been regarded as a matter of course.
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cious and does not pay for the agitation the anguish
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Hcematuria is not uncommon and may precede any local infection.
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the infections caused by the various trypanosomas t. gam
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abroad the last four weeks of their stay having been passed in quietly
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as our knowledge of its intimate nature is incomplete. Short of this
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by malignant parasites. This cla. sification corresponds with the natural division
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portant technical detail employed in the bacteriological laboratory. The
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works etc. harmful dusts gases or fumes are evolved incident to
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product of fatty and granular degeneration. A few scattered small
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is apparent. Organisms which are unable to offer large amounts of
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two and one half inches long was made through skin and dif
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staining readily and by their vibration causing progressive
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glands. Twentyfour of these cases showed histological evidence of
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activity accelerates metabolism that thyroid removal lowers the
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are built and repaired or visit for other purposes. Some years
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sages by accumulations or altered conditions in the
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is from the scalp towards the cheeks by the line of the
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phrenic of the opposite side is cut probably because the respiratory
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that distinguish it are too well known to render necessary any detailed
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struction of the large ganglion cells. The condition may be strictly con
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interest in civic state or national politics. Let me
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istaltic motion of the alimentary canal is reversed and vomiting results.
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Sir Stewart Stockman represented Great Britain and also
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Symptoms. Moderate degrees of hour glass stomach often cause no char

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