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"Since the publication of Dr. Evory Kennedy's book, the author's atten-

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case at the Burnside Lying-in Hospital. He will leave shortly

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of a satisfactory diploma. In Michigan, license to practice is

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action of light. In order to ascertain how this contraction is brought about,

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Case 50. — Operator, Elliott. Duration, 3 years; upper cervical

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wards, pressing upon the optic nerves at their junction, and reaching as far

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is not accompanied by suppuration. These facts give

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question of probability to consider. 2. I can not think that

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day evening there will be an out-door promenade concert on

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for the nodules to degenerate when fever is present,

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can judge of the state of the larynx by the sound of the voice ; and ascertain

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112 Use of Bromlds In Hysteria, Delirium, Etc. J. S. Murphy.

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appeared when the urethritis was at its height and paralleled

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the brain and its membranes on the external surface were found to be

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' Intermarriage: or the mode in which, and the causes why, Beauty, Health and

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should suffice in the treatment of fractures, as with the

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Autopsy. — All the thoracic organs normal ; caries of the superior surface

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Night disturbed. Motions automatic ; eyes half open ; pulse slow, jeeble,

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and with the symptoms of complete separation or de-

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the heart, (Clin. Chir. t. i. p. 357.) Dupuytren does not omit to point out

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Frederick C. Jackson, captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., recently

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I have at present under my observation, in the country, where I reside, a

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system for assisting and caring for injured persons

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effects of the atropin, and the action of the latter on the heart

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looked, but if you remove the psoas muscle, you will find some little sinus,

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areas of acute swellings join similarly affected nodules

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a strong decoction of chamomile flowers, and the process of granulation thus

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warm fomentations, leeches to the region of the kidneys, and an emulsion

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numerous cases, the power of medication in preventing the first stage from

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tard foot bath immediately, and a dram of the tincture of stramonium every

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(>69,271. Making pbosphoric add. Frank P. Van Denbergh,

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four-fifths, instead of one-fifth, of man's food should be

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Sfiven every hour until sleep was produced. No hallucination of the senses.

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and exhaustive; they must serve to recall that which is

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have been found useful. M. Raickem speaks very highly of the good effects

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Tuberculosis," in which Koch is expected to take part.

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medical course in Paris, instead of being distributed among

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record the name of the Section, if any, that he will attend,

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