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tic focus elsewhere in the body, and the discovery and
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and disorganize the natural peristaltic (wave-like) move-
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this morning, during which time she suffered great oppression. On the renewal
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proportion, gives a number of measurements of the cervix as to
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On vholera. By Dr. Nicaise. Oaz. Med. de Paris, Fev. 1868.
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the sarcolemma of insects, as seen in the larva of the blowfly, is
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out by the time the child is three years of age, daily
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quantity in the right, and sparingly in the left cavities of the heart.
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ing change in the condition of our patients. Those who are rapidly conva-
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which assigns the former to the latter in the relation of effect
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of Prof, Hill and others that what is commonly known as
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41. IrreguIarJy-uniled frctcf tire cured by excision nf Callus. — Case I. — F. Mis-
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weighing 150 pounds, engaged in office book-keeping, the
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depends ; though doubtless the cutaneous affections on the ex-
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I propose at present to confine my observations to that form of the dis-
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lead-colic in Havre, from the use of adulterated cider, offered Dr.
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when it has been much exposed to the sun, and it is also formed in the
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while the patient looks downward, drawing the lid out
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Corrigenda, — ^At page 229, in the third line from the hottom, in the place of
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heard in every hospital at home and abroad, never to be disso-
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The cause of yellow fever is purely miasmatic and is conveyed
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form a network round the lobules without penetrating them; the lobules them-
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but bas adminiBtered brandy in well-marked sthenic cases, as well

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