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violet color. The nitric acid again acts solely on the coloring
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is no opportunity for the animal to place pressure on the
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Counties Branch of the British Medical Association hos
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widely separated single colonies and from pure cultures of the strepto
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a perineal operation should be done at the same time. I say that
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function. Varieties Simple and numerical see above
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high vascular tension to which the indolent and overfed are
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the chorda tympani is the nerve affected in most cases where ear
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parietal. This superior postcentral lying between areas and
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Sciences Stanford University Ventura Hall Stanford California
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character is seen in Fig.. In this instance there were two dis
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previously been described in an English book open to the world n.
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mations and it should be continually watched to prevent the devel
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pounds thirteen ounces and the length of their bodies which
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traaflation of morbid a lt ftion from one part of the
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the later course of the disease the virulence of the serous fluid
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nent form the thyroid gland of the sheep and Cerebrin prepared after
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burns and their effects not only because it gives in an excellent manner
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under the skin painful at first but later only tender on
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tensificd when the patient was addressed and under examination
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Dial. is a very well known and favourite little flower
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an efficient discharge the whole muscular system of a small
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slowly the morale of Bellevue Hospital has followed
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subsiding so that the patients are able to urinate in a
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amounted to nearly tS. pounds and the total value of dairy
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pulmonary complication two with cerebral one with perforation
gent desire to add a knowledge of Chinese to the list
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A BOOK that has passed through six editions carries
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complicated with hemorrhage one divulsion and one re
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herself with a history of a bloody vaginal discharge for sev
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impervious not only preventing the forcing of an exit in this direc
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nicious anemia jaundice diabetes and syphilis. After
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in mind. It does not appear however that there is any other way
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