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of England, with forty officers. It has warm and cold baths, and ma-
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ant information are to be written. By this measure, which is taken for
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don; Messrs. Fannin and Co., Dublin; Dr. Lawson Tait, Birmingham; I3r. G.
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should apply by letter to Dr. Anderson, who, we doubt not, will afford every
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gical appliances. There was a poor fellow who had been shot in the
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favourable results only appearing when the inhabitants are (so to speak)
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cellent English lint, but much cheaper, because it is given gratis in
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glia鈥 the delicate interstitial connective tissue of nerve. A sarcoma is
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and end of statesmanship ought to be to ensure to every individual
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prostitutes for the purposes of the Act ; and that one Parliamentary
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Dr. Vincent Czerny of Vienna is publishing in the Wieutr Medizin.
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very generally condemned by the profession. To Dr. Waters espe-
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There is one case 鈥 a man with an injured finger. But the time of
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nearly to fill the pages devoted to original papei-s in three ordinary num-
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which she was transferred to the medical wards. The fits continued to
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Hydrocyanic acid and chlorodyne were respectively given, with partial
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The Conjunctiva is a thin membraniform web of areolar tissue, with
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Tynemouth 鈥 seaboard towns, apparently placed under the same ex-
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Sir Edwin L.andseer is lying seriously ill at Stoke Park, we are happy
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depots, resorting of it, at Coblenz, Mainz, Mannheim, and, depending
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By R. T. MANSON, L.R.C.P.Ed., etc., Witton-le-Wear, Durham.
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from 3s. to 7s.; in 51, from 7s. to 1 6s. In England, the average annual
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preventing the lodgment of foul discharges and tlie sliin from becoming
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Mode of Disinfect mg a Sick Koor/i.鈥 The patient having been removed, all
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The Association should give their entire confidence to the Committee.
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temperature. Upon what particular brain-centres did the bromide of
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the Eye, and Ophthalmoscopic Demonstrations, arc given in the Wards
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to pass through Metz for Noveant to fetch some of the wounded there.
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In Ireland, you can get all this information in the annual report of
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prepared to give their services during the continuance of the war.
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an inflammator)' attack occurred, followed by pelvic abscess, perfect re-
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take place .as follows. Fust Examination, cooimenclng on Tuesdays,
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September 5th. 鈥 Every morning at six o'clock we hear the lively
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trar-General's mortality-bills is now a constant and increasing quantity
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evidence to justify its adoption. The foot-and-mouth disease is un-
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for such maladies as gout ; but most of those who like exact evidence,
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our wills, act through precisely the same means and in precisely the
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whom Mr. Jessop cut for Stone by the usual operation. Eight

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