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to try the effect of spraying, the epigastrium with ether. The

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Hospital, New York City, and also was an instructor in the out-

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more or less than the preceding hints worked over, and arranged

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two children : Florence, born April 27, 1907 ; and Lucile, born July l r

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tion of Dr. Gannett, in pathological anatomy. The liver was

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connection with the World's Fair at Chicago, in the fall

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City. They have two children, a daughter and a son.

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treatment 10 per cent ; or, excluding complicated cases, under

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his service as interne and house physician at Cook County Hospital,

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from the mouth and neck of the uterus rather than from the

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the 500 metres, and up to the 1,000 metres range), the action

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tuberculous. The case had resisted the ordinary methods of

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as well as the country, make comparison of their health and

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toneal pathology and diagnosis. .\s the art student is

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The thorax presents, even in the mildest cases, very characteristic and

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This shock may be slight and only manifested by torpor

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time the patient's temperature was I02°-I03°; pulse about 120.

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placed on record, that their readings may be estimated at their

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take a drug, or what is supposed to be one, and to note every

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profession, and he keeps in touch with his professional brethren by

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that day w T as not ripe for men of his kind, and the incalculable

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laws as affecting the surgeon's accountability received a thorough

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tion, and of the Alumni of Union College. He is also a member of

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The Century for March offers, as usual, a rich and varied

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After her return from abroad she was in 1873 admitted

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1808, remaining three years, when he was licensed to practice by

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food which passes through it. We call the kidneys the bread-

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May 20, was one of the best in the history of the Society. The

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zinc, lead, calcium, and aluminium), which he had made use of freely for the past

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ing-room, but her manner of walking was very painful to wit-

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ment on the part of the translator, Dr. Ozanam, in which eccen-

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set forth in Dr. Brown's address, we feel an ever-deepening affec-

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to the bedside of patients, have no time to ponder on such hy-

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from generation to generation, becoming the eternal and exalt-

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reveals. I am not yet thoroughly positive on this score, as I

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foreign bodies derived from the clothes, or by the presence

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In view of the fact that so many large-tax payers and influen-

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should be done at the collecting and first aid stations. The

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clinical value for cina in cases of aphonia. — Bulletin de la Soc.

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of Philadelphia, Penn., in March. 1S56; succeeded to his brother's practice; spent

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means of these inventions, he soon disposed of large quantities

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symptoms are present to enforce this demand. Its cause will be

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