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successful hyperaemia of the hip joint. The apparatus has to be
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tion. They were the men who inspected sewers looked
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pulmonary edema on clinical examination x ray findings
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should be regulated by the doctor and not by the mother
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pleura alone is eaten through the alveolar texture of the compressed lung
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izing that none of the other editors mentioned in the article
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twenty miles. The night before he gives his horse an extra
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may be allowed for variations. The circumference varies from thir
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injuries are made more probable in cases of i Cicatrices of vaginal
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modern discoveries were foreshadowed long before has called
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five years service in Panama during which there have been about
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sign in early pulmonary phthisis with special reference to nerve supply.
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and nostrum venders I felt justified in saying that the
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brospinal fluid perhaps less abundant than usual had not lost its
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inconvenience and irritation of an artificial anus were not great pro
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remain visible and so long as the secretion is not again puru
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that a wound from a lion s tooth is generally followed
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readiness to fatten than for its milking jualities.
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Ansesthesia confined exactly to left side feels well in right foot.
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The addition of an equal quantity of any of the diluents mentioned
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Suffice it to say that she suffered rest cures curettages aloetic purga
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