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wounds as the adjacent skin will invariably become irritated and more
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told to lift one arm he lifts both allocinesia the patient raises the
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nective tissue around the branches of the portal vein
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the presence of the red particles in the former and there is no
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tion of plants. There are eleven Classes thirty seven Orders and three
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i ome ill feeling. On Jan. the patient had general urticaria a fainting
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who thus saved him from an error which must have been equally
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In the Franco Prussian war the opinions regarding the
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diff erent grades by using a different point enamel
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was cured by incision and drainage. After recovery from the opera
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The bandage should be made of flannel wide enough to reach from
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The veterinary extension work of the university of Penn
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dairy at least every three months to see that the cows are healthy
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between the first examination and the operation was occupied in
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The mountains in this section with some exceptions are gene
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it saves us from many difficulties which meet us on the
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The denuded bone is said occasionally to exhibit an open cancellous
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striking circumstance which accompanied the aggravation of
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on muscular dystrophy and the other on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
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and pressing it against the chest. They are so hard that they appear
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It hafl been shown in the article on Chalybcates that the
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Pancreas are found to be hard fcirrhous and often corrupted
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late meeting of the British Medical Association Prof.
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tirpated about one and one half inches of the nerve
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poisons. Similar pulmonary accidents in goats were described by
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liantly reddish contracted pupil and a wild expression of countenance
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modem trench life and warfare with high explosives so that in the
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kind enough to send me a reprint of the Berlin Anthropological Society what
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all such cases it is probable that the bladder has been pene
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ough sanitarians never tiring in our efforts to show our clients

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