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based on accurate blood counts with the aid of an instrument im-

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anyone but an assassin would make, upon a body just dead, a

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an undertaker should be called at once, who may do anything

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have had little bearing on the school but both have been used as

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I have some very good news from the Unit. You probably know that


" The story of the traveler's experience and observation with its moral-

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II. suffered cardiac rupture while he was at stool ; and Philip

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to answer, not, Did this weapon produce the wound ? but,

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temperature when combined with a fair to high humidity is especially

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the dead body that the wounds found there were given before

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drops of the serum obtained, as above described, from the

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C<5-^" i-H It^i-HrH !C H <C N H i-H ""*< i-l iH ,_| .-( cq i-l tO

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Ashhurst declares : " A wound is a division or solution of

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to imply. There is a notion that a good medical witness

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Information for Patients: Angioedema: Angioedema. including laryngeal edema, may occur especially following the first

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obstetric practice (without any intentional meddling with it)

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who are wounded or in any way unable to move briskly ; and

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is on duty at Spartanburg, S. C, awaiting departure for France.

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