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He regarded constipation as a common factor. He fre

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intrusion and that such a result would be fatal to the perma

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of prognosis than the acid fast form. For diagnosis and prophylaxis


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served that in those mild cases in which the functions of the skin

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coDjes from the ulcers and resembles the discharge of strangles or simple

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advanced by the hospital governing board and management

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In the stage of resolution give stimulating expectorants such as

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never where it can be easily destroyed. He considers it almost as

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had been carefully dressed all the time. The baby was

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that on this and on many other points in these lectures I express

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of Piris prccn nn outcome due in a mcnsurc to a lack

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the shoulder joint for the relief of neuralgia seated there. The

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country. To belittle a thing or ridicule it is not ar

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cially in abruptly contradicting it it is best to read

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from wells or springs either from drinking the water or

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duced. It closely resembles the nitrate in its actions

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Derve and the plexus extending to the spinal cord or by reflex action

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sequent sections of the nerves to the muscles and integuments

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several days food and drink by mouth should be given with the utmost

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ing districts composed of one or more townships to be known as

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lich H. F und H F also sind je zwei einander entsprechende Strahlen

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bag support with the patient lying upon his back to the

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cure. Then again in the cases of one child sterility where the

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the morals within the limits of virtue. How many minds are wrecked

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in or near Toronto. Nineteen of the cases were infected with

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tioned case the result of irremovable lesion of the

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Board on payment of Rs.. Should one of the disputing

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ment and remained at its head for five years. He then returned

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forward in a characteristic manner due to the shortened limb becoming

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Most of the cases in all that came for treatment to

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localities. A careful comparative study of the cultural and biologic

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cause have only a very limited portion of lung to breathe

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