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acute, others subacute, which a few hours before death
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now practised by many after Cesarean section ; (2), tlie extirpation
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Here the strain results from the efforts which have to be made
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from both the popular and scholastic standpoint, devoted his late
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pressure of the grooved tongue as it passes on into its sheath.
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Vivian, Sandra, 5829 Nebraska Avenue, N. W., Washington,
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ous expectoration, and pain in the right side. With the excep
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injury was a very serious one, requiring a good deal of care and
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toms, even for so short a time as that elapsing before
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Upon his admission to hospital a patient will first be taken to
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home on an American hospital ship, and for nearly three months more I was under
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Hu ofctslDtd aaMDS pt^FSlcduia gentnllr. tua dnwn ftvm an eminent
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by the secondary affections of the lungs and kidneys
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of the earlier numbers, can make a valuable exchange by letting the
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or if there was not too much laceration, will heal itself.
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in the eighth centiuy, as regarded the healing art.
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Medical rubbing, when skillfully done, is one of the most
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proljably a round - celled sarcoma which occurs with special
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at preventing diffuse peritonitis, an effort was made to separate the
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better than ever before that the spirit of youth craves fun and re-
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and nerves. It is very vascular and highly sensitive, being the
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with compound iodine ointment, or with a mixture in equal
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then admitted to the Royal Infirmary, Ward 29, under the care of Dr.
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low level before the levels of factor X and prothrombin have
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The surgical operations, unless otherwise stated in the tables, were
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the most marked features of cachectic debility ; yet erysipelas
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2, — pulse 80, temperature 99. Sept. 3 S — pulse 88, temper-
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urine and urinary calculi, are next referred to at considerable
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only a difference of forty-eight in the deaths, and eight

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