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As the total number of pupils here given includes the chil

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possess much value and interest. Quoting again from Professor Burk s article

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and in children must oome to the conclusion that it

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nised but it does not exclude the existence of value in several

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e. Drug Fact Sheets containing pertinent data for the nurse and

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caffeine in tea and coffee. Dose of the fluid extract

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toxins exert upon the leucocytes is very marked. Moreover as the blood

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distinctly hard to the touch. If such a case is neglected

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of providing a simple and eficctive double cpialification in the future for

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IfS observations faites Saint Houoie les Bains. Ann.

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able signs of diseased brain structure to account for their

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chemical experiment and any scientific chemist will be

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cumstances. Here again the influence of consanguinity

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who present monstrous appearances in the structure of their or

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in another pocket. Sacculation was discovered in only of cases

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Ulceration of the wall is uncommon the death of the animal

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the occurrence of such a current in the thyroid gland. By placing one

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After consultation proceeded to ballot when Stephen G. Hubbard

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by the stimulus of food to be re absorbed when it has performed

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Another lesion involving the periosteum and underlying bone was found in

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H. C. Crumrine said that the number of ova so greatly exceeded the

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fact that the milk was scant in quantity furnished no

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malarial fevers typhoid fever tuberculosis and sepsis. When general

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tion might be reduced without injuring the stomach.

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The title of this little book sufficiently explains its object.

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acid urine is clear. Soon there appears a feathery cloud the

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the lesion is referable to the bloodvessels or to toxic substances brought

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node the P deflection may be distorted or actually inverted followed

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second stage and the average duration of each. Enumerate the

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sion to the Medico Chirurgical Hospital. The patient was a male aged

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cient. Such an instrument is referred to by Paulus jEgineta who directs

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