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uterus for the passing of a ligature round the whole base including the
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those who do not would realize more distinctly their
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found to be very much thickened there were a few old
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lingering signs of a previous stage of evolution just as the
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absence of any signs of rickets it is most improbable that simple
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Anatomy and Physiology Professor Ilnmphry. Practical
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physicians and surgeons who have so kindly given me
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the heating of coal with certain ores such as those of
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since they are not confirmed either by microscopical anatomy or by pathological
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On Deafness Giddiness and Noises in the Head or the Naso Pharyngeal
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spread apart. Before such work is attempted the ani
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lumbosacral roots of the spinal cord by thickened liga
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Howard University who were members of a society that
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blood vessels through the dense cellular infiltration in the
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cytes are then washed with physiological salt solution three or
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Among these may be named the paralysis from cryptogamic fod
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sulted me in July. For six years he followed the occupation of
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operation no practical remedy can take place. A long discussion
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mental aim in mind at all times the health of the child.
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requires them to surrender their judgment or to give
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practical life in general. The excellences of character which he describes
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of these the average number of children certified each year as having
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vessels and constant effusion has probably occurred
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NEGATIVE button repcls and expands while the positive button attracts
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include the first part of this case. The first four
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forth. Since then Ballinger Freer and others have perfected the
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by influences which cause congestion of the tissue of the
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diagnosed as feeble minded it is essential to study
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terial or for the cleansing of contaminated articles it is
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agent an elementary principle or highly attenuated substance which

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