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vaccine treatment was beneficial in a certain class of

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that work by Balfour two years ago in eighty vases,

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The wound was now thoroughly cleansed by irrigation, and its middle


"do not result from inflammation, but are developed

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of an intestinal disorder is manifest. After a vari-

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examination of all cases, for the absence of cardiac disturbance was not

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of the vestibular nerve, and some of them degenera-

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stances legally forbidden to divulge information ob-

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forward do not warrant the assumption that such forms of albuminuria

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tient or whenever there is any question of property

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a rational remedy, all go to stamp his effort as in harmony with the

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that they are gathering together in small groups of two or more, the

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The prize of $25 for the best essay submitted in answer

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tian virtue possible for the attainment of human na-

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ment in the .Iniiy and .Vary Journal. Surgeon General

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wall. The facts that deficiency in bony development is not uncommon,

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fort in the right side of abdomen and at times shooting

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sis ; the findings denoted by the blood count ; the

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sociates, the two following tables are given, which

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by means of anatomical alterations in the vessels may be essentially the

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condition, is given, followed by working formulae for urinalysis, with

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*Read at the thirty-second stated meeting of the Triprofessional

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give correctly all of the actions of the individual

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deal with a form of acute nephritis accompanied by great tension. The

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utes later the sphincter ani was dilated and the h;emor-

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Snelling, Minn., cn route to Camp Upton, Sparta, Wis.

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Health with local boards of health to be held in Cleve-

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blood, and the clinical symptoms of plague were manifest. It is an

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