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few days filter it and preserve it in well closed bottles.

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was appointed as follows Drs. Stewart and Roddick of


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produces the characteristic anaemia but we have repeatedly proved

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murmur had changed to a high pitched whirring sound loudest over the third

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second examination he returns to St. George s Hospital for the

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of the matter in all its bearings I suggested that such wounds required

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time in a stage of paraesthesia and in a protopathic

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may be expected by far the greatest number of them reside

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Face and brow cases as just indicated occipito poste

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four hours after the last injection. In order to determine

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or than the mixed lymph which flows from the thoracic duct and the

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writings of many of our best clinicians bear the impress of truthfulness and

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mercury nitrate of mercury tar oil of tar oil of turpen

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peated blisters tincture of iodine mercurial ointment cerate of car

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rooms produces great lassitude and yawning similar to

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had no connection with Charleston or Havana. He was removed to the

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meet a ease severe and prt ti aeted in itself occurring

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sion. This is not strictly true for repeated observations

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the outer coats. The walls are opaque and the lumen is considerably

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dullness. Despite her feeble condition and the possibility of cancerous com

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too sensitive only to be followed by an unpleasant reaction and

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liness or rigo is previously felt. Occasionally I have traced

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pulsation was made out. November a second examination was

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clusive right to the nomination of the surgical examiners as is here

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and lithium phosphate and the several constituents of the waters of

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cases the disease may be cut short within a few days. Sometimes the

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a foreign organism and the favoring influence of heated hemoglobin

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held at Baltimore June and by the U. S. Civil Service

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last. The peculiar distribution of the venous blood of the ence

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disruption which Mr. Southam attributed to the generation of a gaseous agent

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the former case the saliva of the mouth being allowed to enter

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studied. Hence arises a comparative carelessness of minute corre

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The results of the experiments are contained in Tables I to VI

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