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persist ; strychnine seems to be of special value. Carbonate of ammonia
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Fibrous hyperplasia is to be encountered in almost every tissue of
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Petechim. — Purpuric patches, due to ecchymosis, sometimes of small
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who, being brought up in a town, or even in a " healthy suburb," con-
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manner in which any form of neuritis or painful affection of a nerve may
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of abstraction of heat; that it be capable of more or less energetic
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and only one. If this be so, and if, under such conditions, Pfeiffer was
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but one, *' Mithradatium," contains 49 ingredients ; another, " Theriaca
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KiJrperwarme und zum Fieber," Pfliiger's Arch. vol. xxxvii. p. 232, 1885. — 21. Filkhne.
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itself by an expansion of the limb which accompanies the diminution
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by lowering their temperature can be explained on other grounds. We
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various kinds we may alter animals to such an extent that they are
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In all these cases the natural protective layer of the serous surface is
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land (1893), found lanceolate diplococci in the meningeal exudation, both
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teaspoonfuls in milk) may be given, and repeated after some hours if
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given of the effects of variation in this one respect upon the inflamma-
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artery is simultaneously ligatured there is a great increase of carbamate
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JSjconite in Headache. — Mr. Radley, of Dover, in England, has been
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throat affection. Bacteriological examination of such material in each
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Robert E. Dorsey, of Baltimore Co. has been elected professor of Ma-
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he says, was obtained from an individual in New York, who has the
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and consequently a rapidly diminished flow of blood to the surface ; the
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pure cultivations of the organisms found on the diseased valves in
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times confounded with an afi^tion of children previous to the age of
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neck, or actual retraction of the head. The pain is apt to spread down
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recognised regulating centres, but as regards the way in which they
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tion of the blood and tissues. Strong alkalis disorganise the tissues by
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of the wife, and the prospect of the man marrying again late in life and
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The disease is particularly liable to recur in periodical outbreaks ; and in
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pluie du deluge ; oil le soleil resemble a la lune, et la lune a un from-
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accelerate a fatal termination ; even those who believe that scirrhus is a

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