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was great irritability of the stomach and vomiting, the dejec-
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opinion, as the number of the cells is normalh' large in the hearts of
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storage. Although the system of ridge ventilation, preferred by Dr. Ham-
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hemorrhage, if the incision was made properly, was seldom
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contend is the indifference of the c<mimunity to the progress
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equipment. A patient of Dr. Alfred L. Loomis, now known
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verieties mentioned, L. simplex and L. circumscriptus differ in no way,
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will promptly vanish by addition of salt, will not disappear if the serum
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and considered even washing unchristian) were the true
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supposed to be, and it can not only be greatly improved but brought to a
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tion has boon given to the study of tiie morbid conditions of the gastric
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into the bladder, becomes permanently obstructed, the urine accumu-
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by specific treatment. The subject of the disease had
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1883, where he continued an active practice for many years. He established
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Not infinite omniscience, but infinite morality, is the
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proof so conclusive as in the epidemic which came under our observation
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his life and work should be preserved in a permanent form. The duty
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syphilis as it is in the eruptive fevers. Where the skin
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cancer of the colon, on account of the more fluid contents of the bowel
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Never suffered from acidity, nor did she vomit as long as she
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Parasites in the JBrain. — (See Parasitic Diseases.)
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pared to receive them with open arms. I'hey will not attempt
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determined by the time elapsing after the operation. Lindemann
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peratare rose 0^.05 C, remained stationary, and then slowly descended after death.
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carbonic acid. Hence, then, these minute beings are
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tube, even while the natural passages for its discharge are unobstructed ; and
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tinguished as general. After having briefly considered that variety
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several medical experts, adjudged him not guilty for the fol-
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the nerve, or whether it is due to hemorrhage. The prognosis to a cer-
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Liston's cutting forceps; after which the dead extremity of
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17. By "specific absorbability of oils" is meant the characteristics of oils
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knots found tied in it ; a cord coiled around an arm, a leg, — and one
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When we entered the army of Missouri, there were no books
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y«ar<-£very aeventh eopy,^r«cw.~Posiage the game as for a newepaper.

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