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needs of the medical profession. Precise control and analytical laboratory tests guarantee
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2. The arm is strongly flexed at the elbow, and rotated so that
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Many cases of extensive renal tuberculosis, exactly similar
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tried in vain, and a ligature was thon applied tightly
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the greater portion of the right vocal cord, and caused slight immobility
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reasonable and just probability be declared to be an ef-
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have not suffered attacks^ however long they may have withstood ex-
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' pital in July. 1889, for a tumor of the breast. Five
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depends. In these cases he gave small doses of one-
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spinal chord is a continuation of the cerebellum alone. Yarollius demonstrated that this
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eover.~Pric6 $3,00 a year In advance, $3,50 after three months, and $4,0U If Bot paid ^itkia th«
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propranolol tabletki 10 mg cena
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In England, butchers, according to Thackrah, though re-
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In one woman, from whom a very large tumour was removed
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Opr Plan for Mil Hosp and Fjvac, Boston, 30 Nov 42;
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He cites the Board of Health statistics, that the mor-
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of this communication is simply to call the attention of practitioners to
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clearly at present. But the Lake Erie region of Western
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blind and "believed that his sight was the cause of the accident." (6) A
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Hematuria is present in about 40 per cent of the cases of kidney infec-
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mainly at Ngonini. Both these crops are harvested and brought to the
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*' That's not so," said the counselor; " but doctor's mistakes are buried six feet
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this country to the graduation exercises of a college, inasmuch
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the contraction of the right auricle occurs under conditions
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of their presence, and that the patient may seem in fair, if not in his
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one sign of life visible ; and yet, unfortunately, life
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of Paris, the ward for children suffering from por-
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groups of cases already before the medical public, and
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the bronchoscope, there could be no question of its
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of the discovery, separation and extraction of the salivary, gastric and pan-
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nales, as well as Cowper's and the prostate glands, are said to be
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it obtains among all, even in such a variety of places, not yet
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narcotic and tonic agents may materially promote recovery. Much the
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In 1853 Tiirck made the great discovery of a primary
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diagnosis between this form of stupor and melancholic stupor, with which it
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fore compelled to assume that the traumatism received 11
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lu disease of the supra-renal cai)sules, we find i»igmenlary degenerations,
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continue into convalescence, ceasing when the pleural Lurfhcs have become
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make but little difference whether it was commenced a little sooner or a
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tuberculin it was now easy to diagnose what are called occult
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