Propranolol Memory Issues

injured area purely on their own initiative ; and that there must be an
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on the ground that in our hands or in those of others they have restored
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home of cholera, there is a quarter of the city which possesses as com-
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During 1865 it appears that there were further cases in Dublin (47) ; while
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part may \>b made out, forming at first tense cords, accompanied later
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and 1888. No connection can be traced between the above-mentioned
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larynx, and when the history of the occurrence of the accident is wanting
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Congenital Malformations. — In these cases gastric catarrh is apt to
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if a considerable addition were made to their number. Further, these
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of the glands with cell elements ; the infiltrated patches then undergo
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eases (chronic hepatitis, carcinoma, leukaemia, etc.), and its diagnostic
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however, that 1 am by no means prepared to recommend it in ordinary
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inflammatory. Repair takes place indeed so rapidly that, if the
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not the largest brain, but he has the largest brain compared with the
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of tbe blood throughout the vascular and capillary systems. This primary
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or rheumatic or dyspeptic origin, it falls under these several heads ; if,
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point to its causative relation to the symptoms. That it has been found
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aureus, and the streptococcus pyogenes citreus and albus. After thor-
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the individual case, and the local physician must decide not only on the
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under my own observation, a child acquired true diphtheria within two
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twice a day, for a moderate fee. — The British Association was recently in
propranolol memory issues
mus." Archiv f. exp. Pathol, vol. xii. p. 28;i, 1880. — 28. Rouques. Sub.ftance.s
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lower extremities kept warm by the use of worsted stockings. The fre-
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The antiseptic plan aims at neutralising the poison in the intestinal
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similar arthritic complications have been found to be due to the specific
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in a plexus of nerves, or in the root or trunk of one nerve only. The
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assumed that the attenuated micro-organisms, which were injected into
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At m meeting of the Fisxc FvifD Trustees, held at J^ewpori^ R. 1^ on the S7th
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make the ascent gradually, stopping a few days at a moderate elevation.
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Nature of Drugs. — Drugs were formerly looked upon as simple sub-
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dressing wounds, the attention of the child should be diverted as much
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and little or no help can be gained from the use of the laryngoscope.
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every hour, as at first. 12, M. Urine has passed freely ; diaphoresis
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fever symptoms before the end of the second week, will help us to dis-
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she lived without eating at all, she actually possessed the faculty of dis-
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death retains a high temperature. In early autopsies, necessary in hot
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there prevailed what is now known to have been the mild form of plague.
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the present article. To Aronson we owe the employment of horses,
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One or more of the tissues may be unduly susceptible or insusceptible
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potent cause of variation. I have already in several places referred to
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TVaitato di Clinica Chirurgica, — Our distinguished correspondent, Dr.
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the intention for which it was designed. Were we disposed to hold up
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Professor Lallemand has lately directed attention to an instrument
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occurs about the second or third day of the disease. These symptoms
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its merits, and after he has diagnosed relapsing fever, as he will no
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Consnmption, 4— Intemperance, 1— brain fever, 1— paresis, I— old age, 3— cholera morbus, 1—

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