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gas into a solution of an excess of caustic soda it

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to farmers in the sub arid belt knowing the disease would at

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The old lady watched with ceaseless vigilance every dose that

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in both gray and white matter. Neurophagocytosis is not marked an occa

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rain water. Kec the parts well soaked with it and wet cloths satur.ated

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far from being a complication the suture simplified the case by

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as his future shows the best practitioner of all. Why not

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excellent remedies which when applied to the skin of

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II. An infant twenty months old one month ill cough

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In another case observed last summer the ureter was dilated to

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As a matter of fact we find the most recent American authorities

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the vertebral border and lower angle of the scapula stand away

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good and bad results. His use of electrical stimulation of a

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modify or arrest the onset of the catarrhal attacks whether they mani

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on Intercranial Circulation the second to Frederic R. Sturgis for an essay on

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If we correctly interpret the liberal phrases of the older socie

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cuufes a Glaucoma if the C yjtallint a Cataracl if the Aqueous

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that the projections no longer correspond to the groove and

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an old chronic goiter. This together with the friability of the growth

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through it around the joint. In those cases in which the epipysial

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instrument called the modiolus which in its construction is

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tinguished from the surrounding skin. In a few of these sensibility was

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certain that all the strains would have been lost if we had relied

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to the adhesions. Caecum was free and appendix normal. To facili

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valuable from the standpoint of physiology as well as

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removed along with the tube and ovary on that side. The

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right ventricle however contains a supply of blood and

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