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heavy yielder. One may take the average per acre as

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properties. It must be therefore supposed that the breath of a diseased

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the employment of Fuller s earth or chalk with glycerin

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years the disease observing still its hebdomadal character the pa

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appeared in Japan over three hundred years ago and in

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Autopsy. Anatomical diagnosis Chronic endocarditis of mitral valve with

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modifications of certain of the branchial arches and clefts

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clothes and his hands. After this he was careful not to be seen

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impeded in its passage through the lungs it consequently accumulates

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Hospital where he was admitted two days before death.

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scales containing per cent metallic silver. Soluble in all propor

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figures I believe are no higher than the average for all children

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produces the most distressing symptoms faintness prolonged nausea

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piocess being denuded by the handle of the. calpel and

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years eight between five and ten one berween ten and fifteen five between

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unacchmatised persons at the Antilles in these ships was the

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W hlen wir die Kugel so da sie der gegebenen Fl che. Ordnung

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follows Curettement for dysmenorrhea and irregular bleeding.

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St. Martin was a partioalarlj unruly patient and in spite of the

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recognized to be of varying degrees of intensity in different per

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chapter on Diseases of the Larynx covers ninety pages and

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psoriasis but the effect must be watched. Dose from

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photodynamic power of some substance which becomes a sensitizer by

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Dr. Munde. Where should tents be applied At the office

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solved in the phenolized salt solution. The yeast should be

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intestines is a result of osmosis or of a stimulated secretion derived

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season when flies are prevalent. The disease is found to recur in some

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near together they are commonly in prominent locations and

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a hand mirror is recommended to those who have not at their

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to the selfish interests of their profession to make our nation

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eye is the glob the others are some external and some

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in this Journal may be able to say that tlie complication that yet

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regiment on the march from Beverloo to Hasselt were

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