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coagula the size of a pin s head. There was no return of
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in cows which are not worked often shows already a fairly
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atrophy of all the other structures. He objects to the
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subsiding the absence of marked pain in the hmbs the
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must be lessened and leisure cultivated the diet must
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To Kill Knots Before Painting. Shellac varnish is most com
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microbic origin is settled. It would then remain to be decided which
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discharge. There is primar union of the skin wound and
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not differentiated into stem root leaf etc. which are a sub
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lates the functions of the absorbent system and promotes the
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severe dyspnea respirations high pitched respiratory murmurs over bronchi
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The only question of gravity for the consideration of
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from the breast caused the trouble and that these were
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main in that district until the close of his useful life.
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Pathology. The disease may be considered to occur in three stages. First
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into the teat after which from the bottle turned with the cork
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English were recognized and a speaker could address the
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work done it appears that the surgeons are only paid at th rate
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only books which he published afterwards viz. his Lectures
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read far and freely without losing touch of reality.
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County Borough of Cork where the incidence of phthisis
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Diagnosis. There are several affections which are apt to be con
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While there is somen hat to commend stomach and in
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of the resident physicians I applied the following named
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wards the diseased portion is sawn off and afterwards with
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ing this period the slightest rise of temperature. The
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arm and another aperient given. This treatment if adopted at the on
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prefer subcarbonate or subgallate which are in round form.

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