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quently changed and well washed before being used a second time. If

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Being unable to turn himself in bed there was no suspicion

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definitely the syphilitic origin of epilepsy or idiocy

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factor that should give us courage in attacking these cases

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tumours is exceedingly good and may be commended to all neurologists

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but the fever which attacked the survivors was caused unquestion

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however from the history of several cases that this is not reliable

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his hounds from that awful front gate of his which is

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to issue an order requiring the plaintiS to submit her per

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irritable heart if quickened by exertion or strong m tal ezcite

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Three distinct varieties of the malarial parasite have been

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never be tied for a lesion of the external carotid or its branches

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This volume of pages contains Studies On Hog Cholera

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There remains only one question to answer How may the

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has already been made. Table shows the daj s of hospitalization and

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Extensor communis digitorum Flexor longus hallucis

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chest. Severe pain is indicated by contracted brows a

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rience and if any man who lived a hundred years ago had luckily

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exudate and the cavity automatically obliterated itself

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tumour became prominent hard and elongated from below upwards in relaxa

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mouths of children who coughed or cried from half a

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poinl of departure the palate is often the structure upon

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the rectum maybe substituted. Sometimes the autacid cordial will

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Howland and Marriott. Until recently it has been the only

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bility or order and offers the smallest prospect of efficiency. It re

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induration so far as this but it is usually supposed that the greater

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as well as the free ends appear rounded. In artificial media

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