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The approximation to completeness of recovery will be close, other things

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of time. The effect of the antiphlogistic treatment in the

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He supposes them relaxed and admitting an increased quantity

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to an ounce or even more, according to circumstances, per diem ;

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liver suggests the inquiry whether important disorders may not relate to

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claim remedial measures. In addition to the physical operation of reme-

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inflammatory softening, and the patients recovered^ save that more or less

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obstruction from any cause within the skull will affect parts in propor-

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a fatal ending, certain remedies are useful. The phosphide of zinc, in a

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rapidly assuming a pinkish hue on exposure to the air; the other is gene-

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have stated impressed on my mind, I cannot but feel that the

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with certainty, which the latter in this situation, from the growth

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18 Eleen, 1887 Skand. Arch. f. Physiol., Bd. 1, S. 247 (quoted from Reid

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Mitral lesions lead to it by inducing dilatation of the right side of the

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cult to determine, with our present knowledge, the amount compatible

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daj's. When produced by inoculation, the period of incubation is some-

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ent fibers which pass through the ganglion without connection

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in reality, only symptoms or effects of disease. In recognizing jaundice

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