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eruptions and ulcers, and perhaps from atmospheric causes.' It has been
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rare occurrence. In some cases nearly all the tissues and serous and mucous
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portion of the nerve. As early as the seventh day, active proliferation
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If the operation is done within the healthy tissues, it does not entirely
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lium. The cells of the deeper structures may be simultaneously or sec-
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in a pestiferous region, the temperature should fall below the freezing
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vored ; northwesterly winds check or arrest it. As has been mentioned, a
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lung, after having caused a localized pleurisy and a thinning of the friable
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the posterior fibres of the sterno-mastoid. The fibres of the trachelo-
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sordes, loss of appetite, coated tongue, confined bowels — indications of
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panies dysentery, intestinal catarrh or phlegmonous gastritis. There is
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with any other. It has prevailed as an epidemic and as an endemic dis-
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ated with its development that it has given the name of " gouty kidney "
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Cardiac thrombi may remain permanently attached to the endocardium,
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of transverse fracture, with the exception that upon motion of the con-
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and the epithelia and stroma of the kidney are stained Avith blood pigment.
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ulna. There is muscular rigidity and an absence of crepitus. Extension
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ments. The regulations as to the admission of candidates may be obtained by
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is decreased, as indicated l)y low specific gravity with abundant flow, or when
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mi:ii3 sliould always be resorted to. The mechanical removal of the fluid
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with Bright's disease and septic or pysemic conditions. In connection with
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the liquefaction of the ordinary catgut. Kangaroo tendon is used to
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is but little disturbance, except that caused by the eruption, the tempera-
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cles, or ossification of the deltoid in soldiers, the result of carrying
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maximum intensity at the base of the heart, and is transmitted along the
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Cause. — The cause seems to be the same as in other disease of bone.
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whicb there are feebleness of the circulation and depression of the vital
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the intestine contains a putrid, coff'ee-ground fluid, the case must be re-
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of the extensor muscles because of the involvement of the musculo-
pristiq consumer reports
the ethmoidal cells, the sphenoidal sinuses, and the antrum of Iligbmore,
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Instruetion.'^The instmotion afforded in nnrse training schools seems-
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umbilicated. These masses undergo hyaline or waxy degeneration. The
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I had never seen a case of relapsing fever until 1870, when the epidemic
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backward, when the result of trauma. The dislocation may be complete.
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through the medium of food or fluids is still an unsettled question.
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in a paroxysm. Hclmholtz found relief by injecting into the nostrils a
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Morbid Anatomy. — The gall-bladder is enlarged, nodular and adher-
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primarily affects the connective-tissue it is called interstitial myocarditis.*
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there will perhaps be a little swelling and a slight elevation of the local
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uncomplicated by pneumonia, the temperature will suliice for the differen-
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