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pression of being the hyaline metamorphosis of these

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loading lumber on the San Pedro docks, was lost as a result

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On the same principle, it is evident that we have superior

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the presence of iso-hemolysins and iso-agglutinins obtained in the

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the two months (October and November), preceding the

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of those who Know very little about the readiest mode of restoring a patient.

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reference to the subjects mentioned, and have observed others,

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scopically, but contained no ovarian stroma. A similar

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of altitude, humidity, and temperature on phthisis. He admits

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more or less until the end of August, at which time

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able to account for this phenomenon* In disease of the spinal marrow,

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the physical instrument and the psychical principle, as well as

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night he noticed little blood clots and green specks of matter in the

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years been very few cases at Guy's Hospital in which the symptoms were

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and occur only in a minority of the cells, but they have been found in the

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cytes, plugging of retinal and choroidal vessels by

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who have maintained excellent health throughout the

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States into the World War by a few weeks and was deficient in that

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the blood. In the large single hemorrhages the stool is usually fluid

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whose Lives of the Physicians and Philosophers is un-

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of the treatment of inflammation. If the pulse be strong, a full

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by frequency of contact, what is wanting in the quantity and

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secured, can be placed in any position desired at a moment's

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Xtrttonal Hospital (Dr. Grainger Stewart). Operation for mastoid

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Cerebral apoplexy has been described as a symptom of influenza in

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blood is the cholera potential itself. This potential or germ may

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suture track it will cause pain and may infect the wound.

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appreciated than in the United States." Here, as well as in

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power of concentrating within its tissue both chloroform and alco-

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A very rich, old and childless, woman had died after a tedious ill-

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17. Nausea and vomiting. — An eflectual way of getting rid of the

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Pyramiclalis nasi. — Origin, lower margin of occipito-frontalis.

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consonating rale attendant upon complete hepatization, has been

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dominal or the thoracic cavity, more frequently the

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"blue book" makes a handy companion to Dr. Morris' larger

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thofce of some mucous surfaces, may readily induce rigors.

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