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opinion that there exists in the animal body any other un-
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Cheyne-Stokes breathing may be the earliest symptom. Hence, it comes
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which immediately followed sacrifices, were attended
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so that by the twelfth day they represent 45 per cent, of all leukocytes
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' days apart, was unconscious for three or four minutes, would fall and sometimes
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of an 'enlarged and inflamed tube (or sometimes both
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and changed r^ularly by the attendants just as long as they can accom-
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it advances. Thanks to the labors of an enthusiastic group of
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it, insomuch as if the shap or nature of any living
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gestion Und disease. On the other hand, Dr. Budd has taught
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the wards may be arranged in three groups : 1. Those whose
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pendicular and legs horizontal, every four pulsations . 89
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ings were held in his class-room for eighteen months. A paper was
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and sometimes a complete anuria due to reflex inhibition of the other kidney.
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finite Substance filling space called ether, the im-
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gout, to lead-poisoning, or to syphilis, these various conditions should be
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tions. " Without knowing why it should be so, my own experience
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hasmorrhage, in cachectic conditions^ antemortem^ and in connection
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iHif^-iia^ ^ xie <ie:c*K^ jswsr 'zizui 'ziif s^txtfmic ^T^snuc
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clonus. The loss of sensation was complete, and the
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seen in a dictionary, and always giving a blurred effect. The text is
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three be appointed to revise the Code of Ethics, with instruc-
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blood in the stool, special stress to be laid on the microscopic examination
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liar form and shape of the extremities of the bones at the joints referred
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into it an eight per cent, solution of carbolic acid,
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to make things look right with a minimum of bother, if a
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When you are prepared fo open your first office, our officers, members and
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does precose cause itching
and our remedies only contribute to bring about the re-
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occur in the diseased parts, but in those immediately around remaining
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giving rise to excessive acid secretions which destroy the
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sand times before ; and, after all the schemes of a reluctant and
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the very reverse is true, that is the cases are i secretaries, amanuenses, bookkeepers, these
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Deschamps (.J.) De la m6thode de Phelps pour le re-
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These may be round-celled or spindle-celled, and tend to involve the

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