Precio Calandria

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went higher, but even then it remained so for a very
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I desire to call your attention to a balneatic station
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determine just what precisely the observer was talk-
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ployed and often successful without even the physi-
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of tincture of iodine. The very latest modification
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to have them withdrawn, forcibly, if necessary, from
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fective itself — not because of the mental expression
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rather close acquaintance with him and a very care-
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inflated with air which makes it appear light in the reproduction
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rested by gauze packing which made much pressure on the
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action of the acid was deep, for the cnrdiac end of stomach
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ment of Health of the City of Philadelphia: Typhoid fever,
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president ; Dr. James H. Wilson, counsellor for three years;
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■ protest against their acceptance as truths by the
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2. Lacerations of the Tentorium in Labor, together with
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method of direct inspection and treatment of lesions
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enactment of statutes destined to puzzle the courts
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25th, 26th, and 27th, under the presidency of Dr. I. A.
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Pfister, Dr. Kingman B. Page, Dr. Benjamin T. Tilton.
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about a central yellow pustule. These pustules were quite
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if ever, escape detection. It is perfectly true that
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giving the same uterine se-dative, I ordered her to keep to
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tion in the mastoid, peculiar and in my experience unique
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nesis, cannot exclude a lateral displacement of con-
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effects of ether and chloroform on the serum itself,
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21. GritndHnien einer Psychiatric dcr Hysteric, Leipzig,
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along though what he learned seemed to be more by the
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opposed to a parasitic theory of origin, and favors
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programme. Dr. Richard M. Pearce, of the department of

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