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Ether was used when she awoke and sliowed sip;ns of restless-

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Dr. Bacon were members. On graduating, as he afterwards did, from

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May 23d, one mmith after getting up, and two months after the

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immediate application of chemical tests. The poison is thus elimi-

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.iidisturl)ed in mind, although he has been informed as to the almost

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of whom, under more favorable circumstances of residence and food,

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bupropion 300 mg

pictures of bupropion xl 300mg

therapeutically in rheumatism, ha^moglobinaemia and uric-

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rallied very well, and was able to attend to his business until Octo-

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the neuralgic pains have considerably abated ; but there is very little

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which lasted for about two hours, in which Mr. Pettigrew, whose

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alcohol. Port is. astringent from tannic acid in the grapes,

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(Pulv. cinnamon, 4 grs.; kino, 15 grs.; opium, 1 gr.)

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part of the cavity of the clicst. Tlie remainder of the lung was hepa-

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fracture coarsely fibrous; bark rather thick; wood porous

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resemble compounds of potassium, but are used cliieflj; for

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was not renewed; upon which the swelling of the joints returned as

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t' ;ous in removing them. Putrescent animal matter is deprived of its

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Cantharidis powdered, 330 ; petrolatum, wax, rosin and lard to

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respiration or for the fatal issue. My conclusion, from what I have

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induces struggling. The respiratory and cardiac centres

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before the operation, is found in the writings of Prof. Nathan Smith*

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"without sleep, and is due to the depressing action of th^.

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* ]\Tore recently the writer has found the following method and appliance

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be co-existent with the presence of intestinal worms, powdered

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5. Bromi/le of Ammonium in atheromatous affections and obesity.

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two days after Dr. 0. saw her, and found her with symptoms of acute

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noticed that a writer in the Transcript strenuously advocated that the

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in the upper part of the arm, in which various applications, bandages,

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Tissue Change. — Metabolism is diminished by alcohol.

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in the case of horses, as one and one-half grains proved fatal

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the best plan we can adopt is that of the letter H ; the wards being

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Copper sulphate in 1 drachm doses (4.0 gm.), with powdered

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membranes. Free deposit also at the crossing of the optic nerves

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