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well as in open space, even assuming that the closed
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The disease is more prone to occur during adolescence.
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be cancelled by the society. Hence the right to be in-
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ligature and dropped back. The purse-string suture is employed by
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a punctured wound of the heart ; and Dr. Trugien met with a case in which
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Therefore, great care should be taken when drafting
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important changes : in consequence of the increasing dilatation of the
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from any nonpellagrous community of similar status.
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tinue to swallow food, or drink, the bowel becomes more and
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side through the diaphragm. I resected three of the ribs,
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place. This usually occurs in tube 2 or 3, in from nine to twelve
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from various parts of the State. After the customary prelimi-
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wc were assi.-ted by Dr. Crane, Medical Director of this Division, of
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depending upon the diagnosis, degree of resistance (opsonic index)
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becoming of an elongated spindle shape, forming concentric layers re-
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upper cervical region, and the degenerated ventro-lateral
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in a given case that the disinfection of the womb is followed by no
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rule. The precordial impulse is usually weak and there is in
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For the present discussion it matters little whether
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the human subject, and there is every probability that it docs not exist.
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toms may be less pronounced : there may be dizziness, loss of memory,
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egotism, " My son Patrick is as superior to me as I am to you, sir."
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Of the 31 cases which Dr. L. relates, 14 are the reports of others ; 4
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pectoration is not very copious, the sputa being of a frothy yellowish appearance, mark-
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was seen not nearly to fill the membranes, Avhich in several places
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graphical limits of disease have been most faithfully mapped
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A. H. Wells, Wm. B. Sheppard, and Wm. S. Sampson, five of whom are
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and opinion, are sometimes made to feel not only that
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| the liquid. There was no mineral poison of any kind, although the
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afforded unprecedented facilities for the appearance of epidemics of
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inside the abdomen, chiefly in the mesentery, but this condition gives
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Mendon, Nashville, Pierson, Saginaw, Somerset, Sum-
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gan, but they differed somewhat from the usual appearance. By care-
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<See iTIadras Piesideucy. Eeport on certidn forms of
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The most common variety of this is Acute HsBmorrhftf^c
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fashion of imitating the French, however, led to some sur-
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2. Low Pressure. Elasticity elevations disappear, dicrotism in-
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labour wards were quite clear of it. He thought there was
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head and arms. One of the most important points in treatment is to
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Semmler's myristicin and the phenol body were both absent in the specimens
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