Para Que Se Usa La Pomada Furacin

Ormond Street, 4 p.m.— Dr. Lees : Cases from the Wards.
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man can, of course, say this is only an estimate, but I will
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cians of the several springs. The author does not assume
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burton; Mr. A. Allen, Bath; Professor Clillord Allbutt, Cambridge; A
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has recorded all he has been able to gather about the history
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death was recently announced in the British Medical
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M.K.C.S., L RC.P., St. Mary's Hospital; F. W. FuUerton, M R.c.S.,
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Hospiial: M. H. Thorncly, Guys Hospital ; W.J P. Tiipp. Bristol ;
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what similar kind, and referring to other aspects of the
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glaucoma, although the point of the knife may not have
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children to entirely give up work which takes them away
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thirty-three large English towns, which corresponded to an annual rate
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fhS- 51 ■■, many which surround the life of a public analyst. Hestatad
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George's Hospital. (London : Bailliere, Tindall, and Cox.
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with board, washing, and attendance. Applications to the Seci-etary
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they soon became ill, and the little maiden of 8, whose
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at the end of the first stage of labour; in normal cases I do not again
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pital which was understood to imply that, owing to the
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illness, may, after disinfection of his clothes and other
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noticed slight numbness in the fingers of both hands, tlien the legs be-
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one case of criminal abortion in 1,000 ever comes to light,
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•ceding ten years. Among thirty-three of the largest English towns the
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Clarence, has been recently opened : and it is to be hoped
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or exciting cause. Dipsomania is described as a disease in
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be full to the brim with sewage, due to a block in the drain
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were so ignorant of their own literature as to discover these ,
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brouglit up this report, whicli contained summaries of visitors'
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around which and from wliicli leprosy has been difl'used
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The success had been greater since an institute had been established for
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A MBETixG of the Section of Anatomy and Physiology of the
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wards position. The following morning he had passed flatus,
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cide: Suggestion as to Medical Referees.— Evidence of Dr.
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parts of the country, pauper patients have still to suffer. The Associa-
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it really represents a horse backing promptly and well, with
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diately alsove the internal os ; there had been very little
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of unconsciousness, with the history that he had slept all
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vated. What is true of the pregnant uterus is equally true of
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their intention of supporting it, the Chairman explained the object of the
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preferred) for a child, "female," aged 12 years, suflering from hystero-
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(r/.) It must not be assumed that because an attack of
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surgeon had just severed the tendon of the biceps when sud-
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is specially dreaded as a consequence of vaccination is syphi-
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disease of the lower dorsal and lumbar vertebra;. It was
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or tuberculous, provided it were proven that a typical reac-
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shown, indeed, that it is nothing short of an absurd exagger-
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ture in the mature hop catkin, because in this fact lies, I be-
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