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motive influencing conduct with respect to alcoholic drinks is
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Germicidal Activity of Varying Dilutions of Quinin Hydrobromid in Liouor
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in checking symptoms often not amenable to other plans of treat
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it had a big red piece of watermelon pictured on its back.
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tress and also a great number of reflex symptoms which
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raised almost transparent and measure between and mm. in
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thick and shapeless limbs of an elephant the two diseases and their names
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leg then the paretic leg offered strong complemental opposition.
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improved by resort to elevated regions. Of the thirtj three cases
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ced bv inveterate snuff taking are well known and I have more
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standing the large number already supplied by order of Government for
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were gathered indiscriminately from every available source they
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ignorant of the laws which influence diseases of other organs.
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informed of a chemically dependent physician by family
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of the almond and other fruits and in those other plants
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The general treatment differs with the special stages of the com
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circulation on the other hand fifteen judges have united
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Poultry Pan a ce a will be of the greatest benefit in these
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irritation and in connection with the purgative nux vomica may Ikj
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was a scar on the cornea. The blood yielded a negative
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reaction the correct titration of the reagents especially complement and
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of cases can be adduced in which the exploratory operation was per
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interview him as young reporters in their brief generations
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I think it probable that the decision of this question may throw
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technique of gas analysis as applied to liquids and gases including electrometric and
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that can be done to arrest the progress of the disease but an
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haps it is most useful as the quantities of serum obtain
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they are only oily particles obtained from the sebaceous
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image had been thrown on another part of the retina sensible throughout the

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