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losis within a reasonably short time, and the younger the
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in order to stimulate the peripheral circulation and as far as possible to
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United States East and West — Sanatoria and Climate in Europe —
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nating from 60° to 110°) to the epigastrium, a little below and to the
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typical cases of Graves' disease, each subject to repeated attacks
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its sparkle, or champagne ? Try exhausted beer or exhausted
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States. Its ravages did not cease until every Eastern State had been
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males are more liable than females. One attack usually gives immunity
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quency — e. q. coachmen, laborers, sailors, and servant-girls. (6) Age. —
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tarrhal affections of all kinds (Osier). It has been shown that proper
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are protracted to three or even four months. Considering the brevity
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had a temperature of 96.5° F. when the individual, a student of
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to dry up, forming yellow crusts ; the redness and swelling of the skin
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with the use of the ice-cap, are serviceable. The gastric symptoms
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your ])atients come to you complaining of this or that iiaiii. with
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spray. The apparatus is put into operation as follows :
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tion of the nerves produces with the same promptness an increase of
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the absence of subjective symptoms should be repeated daily. Points
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excitement. The lowered arterial tension is shown by a dicrotism of
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be predisposed to tuberculosis, cod-liver oil and creasote should be pre-
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rhoses, and Progressive Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The following
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the blood concentration. He examined the blood drawn from the
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the Royal Canadian Field Artillery, and it was here he won the

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