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then jdaced on a milk diet. Minute doses of arsenic and of belladonna

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which interfere with the pulmonary circulation, and are followed by dilata-

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ters, soldiers, and those liable to sudden and violent physical exertion are fre-

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Second. When there is reasonable doubt as to the propriety of giving or

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as a diffuse rose or bright red blush about the point of injury, in which a

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The Art of rhotography by this Process developed for Amateors and Beginnen.

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and opium reduce the temperature, and if they fail, ice-cloths to the abdomen will accomplish the desired

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considered in this connection as imjilying anything more tlian a nerve

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cases, there may be punctuate hemorrhages, or even lacerations, at-

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pneumonic expectoration is not usually present in these cases ; so that in

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The paroxysms which attend the passage of renal calculi, or so-called

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The atheroma which causes aortic insufficiency is often of gouty origin,

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stances, he may be aroused to make an intelligent answer in monosylla-

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When ulceration of the endocardium is of specific origin, the primary

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eral tuberculosis. Primary tuberculosis of the kidneys is occasionally met

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against the inner border of the coronoid process. While extension with

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backward extension of the urine, which is more or less infected. The

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doubtedly depends much upon the manner of its performance and the

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2. Faulty position of the limb. The abnormal position of the leg

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nation, or twisting of some portion of the intestine, so that its calibre is

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in the precordial region, shooting down the spine and increased by motion.

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haps, from suddenly develojjed se])sis. Under these circumstances a variety

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advances. Males suffer twice as frequently as females.

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phoid and typhus fevers, gout, rheumatism, etc. In the course of othei

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never of spontaneous origin, but spreads among animals by contagion. It

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sation of the pus into the other tissues. Pus forms only after stasis

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Etiology. — Dysentery is especially liable to prevail in malarial districts.

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presence of a clot may be regarded as an essential accompaniment of all

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Rude or broncho-vesicular re^inrahon j:)^^^^^^^ , . . i ->.

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peritoneal cavity, whereas in the infantile and encysted forms, the part

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diseases in which oxidation is very greatly impaired, such as acute yeliow

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of quassia, oak-bark, alum, salt and water, or carbolic acid. At the

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The predisposing causes to this affection are spinal curvature, sub-

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1. Catarrhal, where only the mucous and submucous tissues are

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it lasts from ten to fourteen days. In the chronic form, the paroxysms

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lower fragments by weight and pulley, in the same manner as for frac-

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