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and yet how frequently the family physician to whom these

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mosquitoes might propagate. This brigade will continue work until next

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Hessling. who found Miescher s tubes in the striated muscle of deer

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individuals who have entered the wards of the Eoyal Victoria Hospital

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tend shortly to come to London and if I can afford any information

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to a parent under such circumstances I felt bewildered and

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substances by the agency of an internal secretion which are necessary for thu

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Dr. Rogers presented a foetus with the following re

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small amount of this substance will liquefy gelatine independently

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and the vessels twi.sted including the axUlary after removal

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the house should be chosen for the patient. If the weather

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ether. He introduced a needle and tried to lift the en

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volves only the mucous coat it may extend in depth and

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inhalations oi chloroform. Everj cause oi excitement

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both of the others and yet may be regarded separately

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No other clinical cases developed until May when animals

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remarkable improvement after the use of pneumo bacterin and

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liams suggests these wounds will heal and leave harmless

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of the politician clamoring loudly for the people s

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