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a more true and profitable discovery and comprehension.
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.Manchuria — Manchuria Station Oct. 25-Dec. 2... ...335 321
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5. Quantitative Determinations of Distase in the Urine,
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may be carried out. All public conveyances used by chol-
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of same organism being found, and injected i c.c. into
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under angle of jaw; mucous patches on tongue, throat,
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ed into the renal vein and the ascending vena cava, and
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during the height of the attack. At the outset, al-
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done away with. It was no haphazard poetical dream of the
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the practical value of these observations, which are
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preface to the present book he tells us that he was
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sure, which requires an increased respiratory effort
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Concert for St. Mark's Hospital. — About $3,000 was
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but not in the other diseases. The pupil is normal in conjunc-
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centa is yet obscure and mostly theoretical, though
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aspect of the prostate. An intraurethral opening by
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along well for the first two weeks, but toward the end of
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desquamation is evidence of infection and irritation

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